Kypha seeks to discover, develop and commercialize innovative in-vitro diagnostic biomarker tests within the inflammation and autoimmune space. Our plan is for these tests to become standard of care, having application across a wide range of indications.

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There are many ways that the human body can be harmed, physical injury such as head trauma during a sport, or illness like a bacterial infection. The body’s immune system’s response is similar to both, initiating beneficial inflammation.

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About us

The Complement system is one of the longest-studied biological systems in the body, and despite decades of attempts to tap into its clinical potential – both therapeutically and diagnostically – most of that potential remains unrealized.

When we founded Kypha, we understood it would take a significant effort – collaborative in nature – to realize our goal of capturing the full clinical potential of complement diagnostics.  Over the past 4 years that has been our focus.  We have collaborated extensively and built a “Center of Excellence” around complement diagnostics in order to facilitate that Mission.  We believe the reward will be well worth it – to patients, clinicians, researchers, hospitals and healthcare, as well as all of our collaborators and Kypha stakeholders.

Chad M. Stiening, PhD Kypha CEO