Clinical Collaborations

Complement activation is a major mediator of the body’s inflammatory response to infection, tissue injury, or tissue malfunction (Medzhitov, 2008).

Three separate complement activation pathways converge onto C3 and its split product iC3b (Carroll, 2004; Ricklin, 2010), making these proteins reliable markers of complement activation.

These markers have proven difficult to measure in the laboratory setting due to auto-activation of complement in vitro. Kypha’s COMP ACT platform solves this problem by bringing complement diagnostics to the point-of-care (Schramm et al., 2015).

The COMP ACT platform has been validated for most biological material (blood, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.) We have extensive experience and protocols for accurately measuring complement activation in multiple settings using fresh or banked samples.

Kypha actively collaborates with clinical researchers at major medical centers across the country. Whether your study is prospective or retrospective, cross-sectional or longitudinal, at the bedside or in the laboratory, contact us below to discuss how we can help you make sense of inflammation.

* This product is currently under review by the FDA