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Kypha is an early-stage life sciences company developing leading-edge technology and clinically useful products to improve the way autoimmune and inflammatory disorders are monitored and treated. With a core team of nine, plus an extensive network of scientific advisors, clinical collaborators and business mentors, Kypha has leveraged Federal grants and raised more than $3 million in private capital since 2011 to advance its lead diagnostic product – Comp Act Dx – toward FDA clearance and commercial launch in early 2014. Comp Act Dx is a simple yet revolutionary test that quickly measures the level of inflammation in the body – such as that caused by traumatic injury or autoimmune disease – with an unprecedented combination of speed and accuracy. Comp Act Dx is designed to allow superior monitoring of at-risk patients by measuring changes in inflammation in near-real time, thereby aiding medical professionals in making earlier, more effective clinical intervention decisions.

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